• "I graduated from International School of Broward (Class of 2013) and I'm truly honored and grateful to have been chosen as the English Track's Salutatorian. I studied at the ISB for 2 years starting in 2011. It was my first school in the USA. I had a great experience since the students were truly welcoming and amiable. I never experienced bullying and  they immediately accepted me as part of their family. I swiftly adapted to the small environment. The teachers were very approachable and passionate; willing to sacrifice all their time and effort for the education of all students. They encouraged me to strive hard to achieve my goals in life. The faculty and staff were ALWAYS there to support any concerns. I would not be where I am today, if it weren't for the ISB."

    Angela Tinoy

  • "I was a student at the International School of Broward for my high school career. I started at the ISB in 2009, brand new to the International Studies Program, where I was given an opportunity to study and learn in French. I spent ninth through eleventh grade in this system, growing as a French speaking student. This program offers great opportunities, such as
    the French Baccalaureate test, and opens doors in college like studying abroad and earning college credits. In the twelfth grade, I left the French track to explore another program that also provided me with great benefits, dual enrollment. This allowed me to complete both my high school credits at the ISB, and some of my college credits at Broward College.
    I've grown a lot as a student here at the ISB. My peers have become like family, and my teachers have become my mentors. I was a member of the Student Government Association. This club has helped my school spirit and awareness grow. As I begin the next chapter in my life, I will always look back at the ISB with bittersweet smiles, and reminisce on the memories and
    lessons that I have had in this fantastic school. This school continues to grow and improve with time thanks to the wonderful staff. I will always miss the ISB."

    Axelle Celestin

  • "I started going to ISB in my 7th grade school year in 2008. I've had such a great experience there with the students, teachers, and faculty. The classes are really small compared to the average. For a person like me that gets easily distracted, it was truly helpful to have a one on one learning experience in the classroom. The teachers are very helpful and really want you to not only know the material for the exams, but to get the grain of the material and be able to use it in real life situations. The students at ISB are very friendly and outgoing. Everybody knows each other and helps each other out in times of difficulty. I can vividly remember the picnics and parties among the many exciting activities we would have at ISB with our friends and teachers. ISB would truly teach us how to lead a balanced life. ISB prepares its students and gives us the confidence and material to face the world and accomplish all of our dreams."

    Masiel Olivares

  • "Cette année 2013, l'équipe enseignante ainsi que tous vos collaborateurs ont effectué un travail remarquable. Les résultats parlent pour vous et ils sont extraordinaires compte tenu de votre idée de donner une chance à tous les élèves. Votre école est désormais sur de bons rails et nous espérons que cela va continuer pour les prochaines années. Grace à votre détermination et votre courage, ma fille a réussi. Merci du fond du cœur avec toute notre reconnaissance, nous n'oublierons jamais l'INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF BROWARD.


    Bernard Family

  • "Je me joins à la famille Haensel pour vous remercier aussi, au nom de toute la famille Timmer. Grace aux nouveaux professeurs, les enfants ont eu une année scolaire extraordinaire. Dure, mais, fructueuse. Aussi, l'école a permis a mes enfants d'être plus épanouis et beaucoup plus surs d'eux. Je suis étonnée de constater surtout chez ma fille (9e Année), combien sa connaissance sur tous les points de vue est élargie. Quelle joie nous a procurés cette fin d'année scolaire à ISB, dans notre famille!!! J'espère que l'école va continuer à aller de l'avant et nous vous souhaitons de bonnes vacances à tous!!!

    Avec toute notre reconnaissance"

    Famille Timmer

  • "Madame Hoy,

    Toute la famille Haensel vous remercie pour tout le travail accompli durant cette année scolaire avec Tiffany. Le travail des professeurs a été exemplaire. Elle gardera des acquis inoubliables et surtout se souviendra a jamais de ces formidables enseignants qui l'ont amène à reprendre confiance en elle et la conduire vers la réussite. Nous vous souhaitons de bonnes vacances a vous et toute votre équipe."

    Famille Haensel