Common Core State Standards Implementation

The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) is pleased to announce the release of an updated edition of our Common Core Implementation Tools and Resources Guide. CCSSO developed this list of free tools and resources to point states, districts, and educators to promising ideas and tools to support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

Two-way Bilingual Education

The Primary focus under which the core of the school will fall will be under that of the Two-way Bilingual concept. ISB will provide instruction in the following five areas: communication, cultures, connection, comparisons and communities. Students will learn to communicate and perform academically in content subjects in French through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will formulate and answer questions about the literary elements in French. Students will identify themes, ideas, or viewpoints on social behaviors and/or interactions of various cultures and will discuss these cultural differences as they participate in age-appropriate cultural activities. The goals of the concept will be:

  • Bilingualism : Processing in English and a second language (French)
  • Bi-literacy: Academic proficiency in English and a second language (French)
  • Multi-Cultural Competence
  • Understanding of various cultures and the development of positive self-esteem which will allow student acculturate in other cultures and not live their own culture as a frustration.


The design of the program will be the implementation of the 50/50 model, which will make use of two teachers, one who will instruct in English and the other in French. Instruction will be conducted through not only conversation and direct instruction, but through role-playing, cooperative-learning groups, including native and non-native speakers of the language of instructions. Peer tutoring, use of thematic units hands-on activities, and graphic organizations will be utilized.

The International School of Broward will utilize assessment tests to determine the fluency of all its students. Currently, we are considering Riverside Publishing – This firm offers the Bilingual Verbal Ability Test. The BVAT provides a technically sound procedure for combining the person's knowledge in English and the native language, thus yielding a better estimate of his/her verbal ability. We will also use the assessment/evaluations from the French Ministry of Education to ensure that our students are performing at or above grade level in French. We are still conducting research on other programs as well that will assist us in placing the best program available for the students of the International School of Broward.

Core Subjects Content (select from the list below)


Foreign Language Program

The primary focus of the Foreign Language Department is to expose students to other languages in addition to English and French. Students will learn to communicate orally and in writing in other languages and learn cultural differences. 

Additionally, we invite the world to ISB via the Peace Corps Program: How do we bring the entire world to the ISB without ever leaving our backyard?

We can connect our classrooms with current and former Peace Corps Volunteers! The result? A vibrant exchange of ideas, stories, pictures, and artifacts that helps students in the classroom learn about the people, geography, environment, and culture of the world from volunteers living in other countries. (See PowerPoint presentation for more information on the Peace Corps Program).



ISB has purchased an educational software, called SkillsTutor from Houghton Mifflin, that provides online curriculum, differentiated instruction and intervention for the classroom.  SkillsTutor will assess and prepare our students on State and National Standards.  The SkillsTutor software offers the following:

  • It is compatible with our textbooks as it is from Houghton Mifflin
  • It synchronizes with the next generation of sunshine standards; thus enables teachers to create exercises, activities and assessments according to the standards they want to work on with our students
  • It gives our students a placement test to see where they are, where they need to be and what they need to do to be at grade level
  • It also generates a pre-test and post-test for students and creates diagnostic assessments
  • Teachers will be able to give students assignments to do at home using the SkillsTutor
  • In addition to providing formal assessments of our students' level, it gives the students quick assessments. For example, after a student completes an exercise, it will offer a quick assessment that will tell the student what skills he or she needs to work on in order to successfully complete the exercise
  • It allows teachers to give interactive presentations with audio.  Teachers can access the website and present the exercise through an LCD projector.  As the teacher is going through the steps to solve the exercise on the computer, the students will be able to see it on the board
  • It is smart board and IPod compatible
  • It encourages students to work and makes it interesting.  Students can create their own character to represent them as they do with the Wii Game and it also allows them to choose a game if they have done well in a section as a reward
  • Students can access the website at home.  The student's password is their 9 digit FSI number located on their schedule. The site is (isb01). The web address is  
  • Please click here to access The Skills Student Guide