Volunteer Opportunities

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement positively affects student's performance. The International School of Broward requires each family to volunteer 40 hours yearly. Volunteer hours can be earned in various ways throughout the year. 

How can I earn volunteer hours?

Please see the Administration to provide you with a list of volunteer opportunities. The school organizes a series of monthly events that require donations in various forms. Parents can donate food items for events like the Car Wash/Flea Market, Kermesse/Francophone Festival, Bal Populaire, End of the Year party, Valentine's Candy Gram, Octoberfest, Walk-a-thon, Food Around the Globe, Teachers Appreciation Week, etc. In addition to food items donations, parents can contribute by donating school supplies, chaperone at special events, refer a student, cleaning/paint supplies, sell tickets for special events, help with the Yearbook, secure prizes from vendors for the monthly Win It Big event, help sell Pizza on Friday and turn in Boxtop coupons to the school. For additional volunteer opportunities, please contact the school for a list of monthly activities.

Please click here for a list of year-round volunteer opportunities.

September special *** Earn your volunteer hours ***

How can you earn your volunteer hours?

Refer 1 student = 5 hours 

Refer 2 students = 10 hours 

Refer 8+ students = complete your hours for the year

Goal: 10 new students per month through August.


Car Wash/Flea Market/Breakfast - Tentative for October

Join us in October at our sister school, Lycee Franco-Americain, for our first fundraising event. How can you help and earn volunteer hours? Please see the list below.

For car wash items needed, please click here.

For car wash volunteer hours, please click here.

Location: Lycee Franco-Americain, 8900 Stirling Road, Cooper City, FL 33024

Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm

Set up time: 8:00am to 8:30am