Barbara Petchenik International Children's Mapping Competition

Our students in the art and social science departments collaborated to answer the question " My Place in Today's World." This was the topic for this year's Barbara Petchenik International Children's Mapping Competition, sponsored by National Geographic and the International Cartographic Association. Youth cartographers were asked to bring their own creativity into their project, as maps could be illustrated in any way, using pictures, drawings, words, objects, or other graphical elements. We congratulate our students who have made the 21 final entries from the United States. We await word this week if any of them move on to the International competition in Germany.

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ISB at the Youth Arts Month Student Exhibition at the K.C. Wright Administration Center

Megan Weidner (grade 10) and Brooke Stewart (grade 9) were chosen to represent the ISB at the Youth Arts Month Student Exhibition at the K.C. Wright Administration Center. The theme for the exhibition this year is The Arts: The Core of Our Creative Galaxy! The exhibition showcases the county's strong curriculum and outstanding programs in a visually articulate and evident manner. Every art teacher was invited to submit two pieces of exceptional quality artwork for a juried exhibition. The student art exhibit will be on display March 6 -
March 20, 2013 affirming the power of arts education and sending a positive message about our commitment to student achievement in the arts. BrightStar Credit Union sponsored a reception/ceremony to honor participating students on March 6, 2013 with Superintendent Robert W. Runcie attending. Talented music students also performed to make the evening a true celebration of the arts programs in our schools!

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ISB at Broward County Fair, November 15 - 25, 2012 in the Art Expo Tent

Please stop by the Art Expo Tent at the Broward County Fair to view the middle and high school art work done by our students.

Several of ISB students participated in the art contest and the results are as follow:

Middle School:

7- 1st place
6- 2nd place
5- 3rd place

High School:

1- best of show- Brooke Stewart- ribbon and money
12- 1st place
7- 2nd place
5- 3rd place


High School Art Work: Sculptures

The high school art students at the ISB started a unit on sculptures. After discussing how sculptures have been used throughout history to share points of view, the students got their chance to share their points of view. Working in teams, they decided what they wanted to say about modern society. They then put together various sculptures to get that point across. They had to use parts of the human body to do this. How did they get the body parts? From one or more of the people in their group. We made "Packing Tape Sculptures!" Yes, that's right! All of these sculptures were done with rolls and rolls and rolls of packing tape. The students had to wrap teammates in tape and then take it off of them to form their sculptures. They wrote "museum cards" with the name of the piece, what they wanted to say, and the list of artists in the group to put out with the sculptures. Sculptures were installed in the cafeteria to promote peace and healthy eating, outside to promote sports and nature, by the guidance office to promote ending bullying, in the hallways to promote love and self-expression. The students in and out of the art class had a great time with this project.

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Art Pieces

The art students of the ISB worked together to enlarge a 18inch by 24inch picture into a 48inch by 64inch masterpiece. How did they do it? Each student received a 1inch by 1inch square of the original size. They were then given a blank 4inch by 4inch square of paper. They folded both to make 4 boxes in each with cross lines going through it. Since they didn't know which part of the picture they had, they had to rely on using their eyes and the cross lines to enlarge what they saw on the small square into the large square. It was an exercise in seeing with your eyes and mathematical conversion all in one! As they saw their squares go up, and a picture emerge, the students and all who came in the room were amazed at how closely the pieces all fit. The final product is truly amazing.

Little picture and enlargement

Close-up of individual squares

Finished picture

The middle school students at the ISB did a temporary art installation based on a lesson about Inuksuk.  These sculptures were made of rock formations that were used in remote cultures of the north to leave messages to others.  The ISB students had to design theirs to leave messages to the others on our campus about something going on, or where something was located. The "rocks" are the packing materials that came with our smart boards! This lesson was done with the student teacher who worked with us this winter.  Can you tell what the message is before reading the sign?


Calendar Contest

Calling all artists - Check out a way to get YOUR artwork PUBLISHED!!!

ISB Calendar Contest Flyer

Pixilation Arrangements

One middle school art class studied the artwork of Christian Faur who does portrait images using the points of crayons in a pixilation arrangement. We used the same theory but used post-it notes and a wall instead of crayons in a box. The students found the image of an important president or black history figure, copied it onto graph paper, colored the squares to show off important details, and then used the graph paper as a model to create the large wall portraits. They were fun to make and kept the school guessing as to what the images would be when completed. Can you guess who the images are before reading the art card?

Art Work