Welcome Pumas

Welcome to International School of Broward (ISB),
home of the PUMAS!

ISB is proud to announce that it is a member of the FHSAA. The school offers both middle and high school students the opportunity to join the Soccer, Basketball and Flag Football teams.

Under the leadership of the Athletic Director, ISB participated in the Court of Dreams basketball tournament the past two years at the AAA Miami Heat Arena.

ISB offers a well-rounded selection of sports activities to students interested in enriching their physical abilities. Teams for both junior varsity and varsity in soccer, basketball and flag football participate in a series of competitive games against other schools.

Transportation to participate in off campus games will be provided by the school.

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NCAA Student Athlete Recruitment Questions

College coaches and recruiters will ask you plenty of questions during your recruiting process to learn more about you. And, it is just as important that you ask them questions too. Just as recruiters are trying to find players that best fit their program, you need to find out which schools best fit you.

The NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee has developed a list of questions that you can ask recruiters to help you choose the best school for you.


1. What position will I play on our team?

2. Can you describe the other players competing at my position?

3. Can I "redshirt" my freshman year?

4. What are the physical requirements each year?

5. How would you best describe your coaching style?

6. What is your game plan?

7. When does the contract of head coach expire?

8. Please describe the preferred, invited and uninvited walk-on situation.

9. How many make it, compete and earn scholarships?

10. Is medical insurance required for my participation?

11. If so, is it provided by the college?

12. If I am serious hurt while competing, who is responsible for my medical expenses?

13. What happens if I want to transfer to another school?


1. What are the strengths and weakness of the academic department I choice to major in?

2. Describe your academic support program.

3. What percentage of players on scholarship graduate in 4 years?

4. If I am diagnosed and documented with a disability, what kind of academic services are available?

5. Are there restrictions in scheduling classes around practice?


1. What is the typical class size?

2. What are the residence halls like?

3. Will I be required to live on campus throughout my athletic career?

4. What is a typical day for a student-athlete?


1. What are the details of financial aid at your institution?

2. How long does a scholarship last? Year-to-year or is it a 4 year commitment?

3. If I am injured, what happens to my financial aid?

4. What are my opportunities for employment while I am a student?

5. How much financial aid is available for summer school?

6. Under what circumstances would my scholarship be reduced or cancelled?

7. Are there academic criteria needed to maintain my scholarship?

8. What scholarship money is available if I suffer an athletic career ending injury?

9. What scholarship money is available after eligibility is exhausted to help me complete my degree?

10. Will my scholarship be maintained if there is a change in coaches?