Our mission

The International School of Broward (ISB) holds the belief that providing our students with a solid educational foundation is paramount to the development of their intelligence. Within the International School of Broward’s academic framework, each student is given the opportunity to acquire the skills, abilities, and attitudes needed to succeed in higher educational settings and beyond.  Providing our students with an edifying edge enables them to believe in themselves, to be knowledgeable and cultured and to become great communicators.  The International School of Broward strives to continue offering an innovative and comprehensive academic program that adjusts to an ever-changing world and to prepare students to qualify for, and to pursue, career goals that will enrich their lives and benefit society as a whole.


At the International School of Broward, our vision statement is "Preparing Tomorrow's Global Leaders".

Upon graduation from the International School of Broward, each student will have gained the following skills and attributes, which encompass our profile steps of defined success:

  • Have a great understanding of the principles of moral reasoning, which promotes integrity, honesty and a sense of fairness and justice.
  • Have acquired significant knowledge and the essential skills to conduct purposeful and constructive research. Learning will be viewed as enjoyable and their love of learning will be life-long.
  • Apply thinking skills critically and innovatively to make sound decisions and solve complex problems.
  • Approach unfamiliar settings or situations calmly with confidence and have the “independence of spirit” to explore new roles, ideas and strategies.
  • Show empathy toward the needs and feelings of others.  Develop a sense of personal commitment to action and service.
  • Respect the beliefs, values and traditions of other individuals and cultures, and seek and consider different points of view.
  • Understand and communicate ideas and information effectively in more than one language and via other mediums such as the performing arts.
  • Gain access to any university in the world with their French American Baccalaureate (BFA) degree including highly competitive U.S. Colleges and Universities.

ISB aims to provide a comprehensive academic program that helps each child to reach his or her potential, prepare students to function in a competitive global society while fostering their critical thinking skills through meaningful inquiry and rigorous academic engagement.  The uniqueness of the International School of Broward enables its students to be at a minimum bi-literate in English and French.  The school strives to cultivate the development of the students’ characters and provide them with a solid foundation that will foster life-long learning. The school emphasizes intercultural understanding, and a thorough knowledge of the world.